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Ideas2Revenue™ has become CERTnT™

In 2012, Ideas2Revenue along with its service offerings, concepts, and intellectual property were merged with Syntapa Technologies, a company that provides technology solutions to help organizations effectively attract, identify, engage, collaborate with, and manage their clients and members. Along with the obvious benefits of now being able to provide both Technology AND Services offerings, it was the true appreciation of the power that comes from building lasting client relationships that brought the two organizations together.

The result of the union of these two companies is the CERTnT brand and initiative.

All of the Ideas2Revenue materials and information have been moved to our new site: Be sure to check out the new site, what we have to offer, and be sure to let us know if we may be able to assist you in any way.

Ideas2Revenue and CERTnT are both registered trademarks of i2r Global Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.